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EliteTox, Laboratory Consultants, Atlanta


Increase office efficiency, profitability,

and service with laboratory capabilities.

We work with privately owned medical practices as well as service professionals. Our full-service consultants make the laboratory setup process easy and fully compliant with regulations. We specialize in services for: 

At the cutting edge of an
ever-changing industry
  • Pain Mangement

  • Rehabilitation

  • Primary Care

  • Spinal Care

  • Cardiology

  • Toxicology

  • Addiction Centers

  • Behavioral Health

  • Mental Health

EliteTox, Atlanta Laboratory Consultants

We can place a wide range of instrumentation for your laboratory:

  • Liquid Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry

    • Our team can troubleshoot and develop methods for all major manufacturers, providing you with the option to select the right instrument for your laboratory.

  • Enzyme Immunoassay and Chemistry Analyzers

    • We have relationships with many suppliers which allow us to select the instrument which best suits your space and volume.

  • We provide continuing support for your laboratory and ensure that your staff have the skills and knowledge necessary to maintain your instrumentation at the highest level of performance possible.

  • Our placement services are provided by individuals that have the technical ability to suggest instrumentation based upon need, ease of use, and long-term reliability

  • EliteTox is the ONLY laboratory consulting firm with the ability to develop and validate methods on instrumentation from every LC-MS/MS manufacturer and model.

  • Our team also provides the largest available drug and metabolite list in the industry.

  • All validation of methods is performed and documented in compliance with state and federal regulation.

  • EliteTox prides itself in being the ONLY full-service laboratory consultation firm with an in-house method development team.

  • Our methods are designed to be streamlined and efficient, providing your laboratory with the ability to use the smallest amount of reagents possible while providing your patients with the highest quality results.

  • The cost of hiring trained quantitation staff is very high and the market is very competitive.

  • Our quantitation staff provides many advantages over hiring for the position:

    • Our staff can diagnose many instrument issues by looking at the data.

    • We provide applications support to ensure that your method is performing properly.

    • Our quantitation fee is a low, flat-rate, that includes technical support.

  • Our technical staff has worked with countless laboratories, ensuring that any issues that arise are quickly followed by solutions which keep your laboratory in operation.


EliteTox can guide you through state and federal regulations to ensure that your laboratory  is compliant in these areas:

  • Building and Safety Codes

  • Completing Accreditation Documentation

  • Our licensing staff has experience with in-state and out-of-state licensing for all 50 states.

  • Our technical staff will tailor all operating procedures for your laboratory to match the specific tests that your laboratory performs, ensuring that all regulatory agencies’ requirements are met.

  • Laboratories of any size need a great deal of supplies to operate, we eliminate the need for you to spend valuable time hiring and training employees.

  • We recognize where employees can fulfill multiple roles and ensure you do not overstaff your laboratory.

  • We apply the requirements of your state’s specific regulations to match you with qualified professionals.

  • Our services are far less costly than other staffing agencies by servicing your laboratory in multiple ways, allowing us to bundle services and provide a greater value to your practice.

  • EliteTox ensures that each candidate is assessed by our highly qualified team.


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