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What we do

We serve you.  

We make the process simple.

Expert Consultants Guiding Your

Practice Through Medical Necessity 

Employment Compliance
Instrumentation & Equipment
Methodology & Validation
  • Ensuring that you are provided with all of the necessary credentials of the consultants performing analysis.

  • HIPAA & Medicare compliance

  • Our staff has experience with all major equipment manufacturers, ensuring that you always have the equipment that you need at the best price.

  • We have the technical ability to suggest instrumentation based upon need, ease of use, and long-term reliability.


  • EliteTox has a full-service, in-house laboratory method development team.

  • Our methods are designed to be streamlined and notably cost-effective.

  • We enable your laboratory to provide patients with the highest quality results.




Providing Reference Laboratory Quality For Your Practice

EliteTox prides itself on being the only full-service laboratory consultation firm with a proven method development team.

Our experts are at the cutting edge of an ever-changing industry.

Data Quantitation
& Technical Support
  • Our Analysts keep your laboratory operating at peak performance.

  • Our quantitation fee is a low flat rate that includes free technical support for your methods and instrument operation.

  • Our technical staff works with countless laboratories throughout the United States and has extensive experience with all LC-MS/MS manufacturers and models.


Workflow Efficiency
  • EliteTox provides communication to your laboratory team for any needed maintenance or production issues.

Quality Control
  • Reports

  • Corrective Action

  • Preventative Action

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